"Mindfulness, the aware, balanced acceptance of present experience, is at the heart of what the Buddha taught.”
—Sylvia Boorstein

John Travis

John Travis is a senior teacher with Spirit Rock Meditation Center and founder of Mountain Stream Meditation Center in Nevada City, CA. He has practiced Insight Meditation for over 40 years and completed a four-year senior teacher training with Jack Kornfield in 1993. He lived and studied in Asia for a decade under some of the great meditation masters of our time, including S. N. Goenka, and Anagarika Munindra. He took a period of monastic ordination in the Theravada tradition under Thangpulu Sayadaw, as well as a brief novice ordination under Kalu Rinpoche.

John's teaching style focuses on a non-dual approach emphasizing body, heartfulness and the nature of awareness itself. In addition to his meditation training, John has taught mindfulness-based stress reduction, facilitated men's groups, and led co-holotrophic breath workshops. He is a father and a poet; a pastoral counselor and hypnotherapist, and has completed two years training in the Hakomi-method of body-centered psychotherapy. For appointments, call (530) 263-4096.

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Upcoming events with John Travis
12/18/2017Solstice Insight Meditation Retreat
4/27/2018Insight: Opening the Heart with Wisdom and Compassion
12/17/2018Insight Meditation Winter Solstice Retreat: Embracing the Dark, Inviting the Light
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