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TWO-WEEK VIRTUAL RETREATS–February or March 2021 

Instead of the annual month-longs that normally take place in February and March each year, Spirit Rock is offering two separate extended, at-home retreats. These extended retreats offer a rare opportunity for sustained and dedicated practice with the emphasis on quieting the mind, opening the heart and developing profound clarity and depth of insight practice.

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January 2021 

May the forces of delusion not take hold, nor weaken my resolve. (Buddhist Sharing of Blessings)
Amidst the political and social challenges of our times and in light of our commitment to liberation, Spirit Rock declares itself to be a spiritual sanctuary and a refuge for all. We will honor and protect those who come here seeking the teachings of liberation. We are stewards of the Dharma; we build bridges, not walls. A climate of divisiveness and fear cannot alter our innate human goodness, and it will never change our values as an organization. 
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