A Community of Benefactors Giving with Love

The Sure Heart Saṅgha is one of Spirit Rock’s most vital support communities. Deeply connected to our mission, and understanding the transformations that are possible as we cultivate the wisdom and compassion expressed by the Buddha, Sure Heart Saṅgha members provide the leadership and support needed to guide us along this path. This Saṅgha represents a community dedicated to the heart quality of generosity which—when manifested—is truly an act of love. We invite you to join this community of benefactors with a gift of $1,008 or more.

What membership includes:

  • Opportunities to connect with this caring community of Spirit Rock supporters—friends on this path—in person and online

  • Dedicated Dharma Teachings by our Sure Heart Teachers—James Baraz and Sylvia Boorstein

  • Invitations to special gatherings at Spirit Rock events

  • A dedicated Spirit Rock point-of-contact


This retreat was like a drink of fresh spring water. I left with renewed hope and confidence, clarity on the specific issues that had been troubling me, and energy to continue my meditation practice at home. These retreats, and meditations in general, are precious gifts.

Teen Series Participant