Experience Spirit Rock

Spirit Rock hosts a year-round schedule of offerings to not only get started learning about meditation and Buddhism but to also dive deeper into silence and self practice.




These programs take place in our Community Meditation Center on the lower campus and are suitable for both beginning and experienced meditators. We structure these primarily weekend retreats so you can commute home in the evening for sleep, family, or further practice; or stay in nearby Fairfax, San Anselmo, or the San Geronimo Valley. Our non-residential programs are designed to open doors to the Dharma and provide opportunities for cultivating a steady meditation practice.

These silent retreats provide an immersive meditation experience. Retreats take place in our beautiful Upper Retreat Hall and practitioners stay in our campus housing and eat in our dining hall. We offer retreats lasting from three days to two months; most are 5-10 days long.

Once you've attended many Spirit Rock programs and a number of retreats, and the teachings of the Buddha have become integral to your daily life, you may feel ready to commit to one of our Dharma Training Programs to deepen your practice.





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