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Passing On What We’ve Been Given

Just as the Buddha taught the beautiful teachings of the Dharma, and the Saṅgha preserved them for 2,600 years, we too carry the responsibility to pass these teachings on to the next generation. At the heart of the Dharma is the teaching that life is uncertain, but death is certain. When we die, we want to support that which has been most meaningful to us in our lives.

Legacy gifts are an expression of dāna that can help to ensure the long-term viability of Spirit Rock. When you include Spirit Rock as a beneficiary in your will or living trust, retirement plan, bank account and/or in your life insurance policy, you join the Legacy Circle–a group of supporters who are giving to future generations of practitioners, teachers, and all those who benefit from this life-changing practice. Legacy gifts support Spirit Rock’s long-term health, allow us to care for the land we are blessed to steward, and help sustain us in our mission to bring the power of the Dharma to all beings who, perhaps, like you, call Spirit Rock their spiritual home.

Learn More About the Legacy Circle

If you are interested in joining the Legacy Circle by making Spirit Rock a beneficiary in your will or trust, send us a note here. We look forward to connecting with you.