Dāna: The Practice of Giving

Dāna (pronounced “daa-nuh”) is the Pāli word for giving. Dāna is the foundation of Buddhist practice, based in the understanding that giving opens the heart, creates connection to others, and teaches letting go. Dating back to the Buddha and the first monastic practitioners, the dāna system is an ancient form of gift economy based on open-handedness and trust in community.

At Spirit Rock, we carry on this joyful tradition in the form of inviting donations from the community so that we can continue to offer the Dharma, now and to future generations who will be supported to cultivate the path of awakening because of our efforts.

Any amount you pay above the base rate of a sliding scale registration fee, or any dāna or donation, is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Please retain your payment information as evidence of your gift. Deep appreciation for your generosity!

Ways to Make a Gift

The forms of payment below are acceptable methods to offer your gift. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Credit Card



Gift of Stock


Direct Debit

Bank Wires

Workplace Matching

Share the gift of Dharma and practice with a gift certificate in any amount for our online or on-land programs.


This retreat was like a drink of fresh spring water. I left with renewed hope and confidence, clarity on the specific issues that had been troubling me, and energy to continue my meditation practice at home. These retreats, and meditations in general, are precious gifts.

Teen Series Participant

Common Dāna Questions

What types of credit cards are accepted?

Spirit Rock accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards only.

Does Spirit Rock accept checks?

Yes, we accept checks. Mail the check to Spirit Rock, PO Box 169, Woodacre, CA 94973, and identify the retreat. Please note on the check what amount should be given to the teacher(s) and/or Spirit Rock.

Can I use a DAF (Donor Advised Fund) for Dana?

Yes! Typically it comes as a check mailed to SRMC, but again be sure you have the correct mailing address and be very clear about which retreat and what the dana split is for Teachers/Spirit Rock.

How long will the dāna buttons be available on the retreat website?

The dāna buttons will be available on the retreat website for 30 days but if you're able, we strongly encourage donations to be made sooner rather than later.

Now More Than Ever, Thank You for Your Generosity!

Giving to Spirit Rock is a clear act of conviction—supporting refuge, compassion, clarity, and kindness.