Connection. Intention. Generosity.

Staying connected to Spirit Rock and our deepest values, Stewardship Circle members offer $25 or more each month in support of everything we do here.

For many of us, our practice illuminates ways to offer generosity in our daily lives. The Buddha tells us that dāna, offering from the heart of generosity, is the first of the pāramīs—"perfections" or heart qualities—that lead us to awakening. Joining the Stewardship Circle is an opportunity to practice this beautiful heart quality while sustaining our Spirit Rock community, this land, and everything it takes to tend this precious refuge.

What membership includes:

  • An invitation to join Jack Kornfield in his private Zoom room during his monthly Monday Night Meditations
  • A curated library of past Dharma talks and articles
  • A dedicated Spirit Rock point-of-contact


I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there was a BIPOC scholarship as mindfulness/meditation was something that had been out of reach for me growing up in East Oakland. It was a wonderful, life changing experience and I'm so glad that I was able to be there.