Syra Smith

Syra is an artist, facilitator, mindfulness educator and earth wisdom keeper interested in deep ecology and manifesting a culture where we can turn toward fearless abundance, generosity and personal sanctity. Her grandmothers are Choctaw-Chickasaw and include those among the first freed black African women to own land in her country. Syra's studies and practices are deeply rooted in the heart and along the path toward awakening more fully to the truth of freedom in our lives.

A lifelong meditator and SF Bay Area native, Syra began her personal meditation practice as a teen in 1988 and has been practicing in the Theravada Buddhist tradition since 2009. She graduated East Bay Meditation Center’s Commit to Dharma program in 2011 and became a Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leader in 2017. Syra teaches Insight Meditation and mindfulness throughout the SF Bay Area and beyond and proudly serves as Core Teacher with the San Francisco LGBT Sangha. Syra is honored to serve as Board President as well as on the Guiding Teachers Council with the meditation community of San Francisco Insight.

Walking in the world, walking in our authenticity, requires in us a certain amount of fierceness, a warrior spirit—a willingness to open to our authentic selves. It’s also kind of a charge. If we look around at the work in the world our alphabet community, our rainbow community does in working toward full citizenship for everybody, inclusivity for everybody, that’s a beautiful charge that speaks to the heart in this community. Some of us have suffered great trauma and loss just in the endeavor to walk in our truth. And know how much healing, how much transformation that requires. This is warrior’s work.
Syra Smith, The Heart of Sorrow: The Seeds of Compassion and the Overflowing Cup

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