Marc Lesser, MBA

Guest Teacher

Marc Lesser is a CEO, executive coach, and Zen teacher. He founded and was CEO of 3 companies, and has an MBA degree from New York University. Finding Clarity: How Compassionate Accountability Builds Vibrant Relationships, Thriving Workplaces, and Meaningful Lives, is his fifth book. His other books include Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader: Lessons from Google and a Zen Monastery Kitchen and Less: Accomplishing More By Doing Less. Marc helped develop the world-renowned Search Inside Yourself program within Google – a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training for leaders that spread through Silicon Valley and then globally. He was the founding CEO of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. He is CEO of ZBA Associates, an executive development and leadership consulting company that supports Genentech, Google, Beneficial State Bank, and other leading companies. Marc was a resident of the San Francisco Zen Center for 10 years, and director of Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, the first Zen monastery in the western world. He leads an online Zen group, Mill Valley Zen International.

Dharma Library

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