Lawrence J Schuessler

Guest Teacher

Lawrence Schuessler has spent the past 25+ years guiding and facilitating people in wild spaces all over the world. Lawrence stumbled into meditation when he saw the Dali Lama speak at an event and he was captivated by his energy. Lawrence went on to seek ways to practice meditation, so he could be like the Dali Lama. Lawrence has completed the Spirit Rock Meditation Center Advanced Practitioner Program, completed the Inward Bound Mindfulness Education Teacher Training program and has sat various retreats both at Spirit Rock and the Insight Meditation Society. Lawrence also supports Nature Dharma retreats with Susie Harrington. Lawrence is influenced by Jack Kornfield, Sylvia Bernstein, JoAnna Hardy and Brian Lesage to name a few. Lawrence has a B.A. in Adventure Education from Prescott College, and a MSc in Outdoor Education Sustainable Leadership from Gaia University. He has taught for Stanford University, Prescott College, UCLA, UCSF, the Eagle Rock School, the Dunn School, The Crossroads School, Outward Bound, NOLS, and Inward Bound Mindfulness Education to name a few. Lawrence has spent the past 20 years practicing vipassana meditation and various styles of yoga. He hopes that meditation and mindfulness will be liberation to those who practice as well as lifting up folx that live on the fringes or are oppressed. As a queer man, Lawrence believes in showing up as your authentic self and wants to support others to do so. Lawrence is passionate about experiential education, nature awareness and mindfulness in various forms and is grateful he is privileged enough to be able to do this work. When Lawrence is not working (which is rare) he can be found watercolor painting, riding his bicycle or rock climbing with his partner on an adventure in Joshua Tree.