Talks January 19, 2019 | 55 min.

Song of Freedom

Howard Cohn

"The more the dust of memory gets cleared of our confusion, and our confused notions of ourselves, the more intuitive awareness shows that it has a certain intelligence to it. The data points of what we’re experiencing moment to moment start lighting up in a way that our intuitive awareness operates on them. And all of a sudden we have this understanding of ourselves as not as separate as we thought, nor as describable as that version of ourselves that plays in our minds. We are really too amazing to describe. We are vast beyond our comprehension. We are wonderful beyond our comprehension—and the shadow side of that is terrible—but a sense of well-being is easier and closer than you think. It is partly this view that plays through our mind of being a problem to be solved that prevents us from recognizing the natural well-being and happiness of being awake."

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