Talks March 20, 2021 | 49 min.

The Truth of Impermanence and Death as Transformation

Alisa Dennis

"There are infinite opportunities for us to notice impermanence all around us. Nature is a never-ending dance of arising and passing away. It's never static, never fixed. The flower bud opening into a blossom, leaves falling from a tree, the sun rising and setting, the moon waxing and waning, ocean waves swelling, cresting, crashing and receding, or birdsong that emerges and dissolves back into silence—impermanence is everywhere. All of these sights and sounds are reminders of this dance and how, if we hold things lightly, we can live more in the flow of life, open to this mysterious intelligence that animates everything."

Alisa Dennis

Alisa Dennis

Residential Retreat Teacher

Alisa Dennis, Ph.D., discovered meditation through her study of ancient mystical traditions. She’s trained in Soto Zen and is most recently authorized to teach in the Theravada tradition.

She is a licensed psychologist and Somatic Experiencing practicer in Los Angeles, where she supports people as they move through life transitions.

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