Talks March 15, 2018 | 47 min.

Navigating a Sense of Lack in our Practice

Brian Lesage

What underlies the sense of I am somebody who needs to do something in order to awaken in the future, is the sense that practice has a beginning point. Then you travel: you travel and practice. You come to a lot of retreats, and then you get over here, finally! Finally you’re awake: you’ve become somebody who’s no longer confused. I want to point out that this is a story. I love the linear story, but it can be such a hook. Do you see how it can play into becoming? I’m somebody here, and I’m gonna get over here. That’s what becoming is about. I’m somebody and then I’ll become somebody else. It’s all rooted in the sense of self. And it’s the assumptions that get created around it that start to entangle the mind.

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