Talks May 22, 2019 | 55 min.

Dharma As Alchemy: Transforming Obstacles

Mark Coleman

When we see the very things that are stressful and problematic, these visiting tendencies, it’s by shining the light of awareness on them that we can come to know them, come to understand them—how they arise, how they release. Often that light brings up all kinds of stuff that was outside of our peripheral vision, so to speak. That’s partly what we wrestle and work with. But it is in that working, in the seeing and revealing, that we actually can transform.

Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman

Residential Retreat Teacher

Mark has trained extensively in the Buddhist tradition. He is a senior teacher at Spirit Rock, an author and has taught insight meditation since 1997.

Mark has led wilderness nature retreats worldwide for two twenty decades and leads leads year long nature meditation teacher trainings in the US and Europe.

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