Financial Support

Financial Support and Scholarship Information

Dāna (the Pali word for generosity) has played an essential role in the 2,600 year-old Buddhist tradition. In the spirit of this tradition, Spirit Rock is committed to offering financial assistance to those who need it. We do not want cost to be an obstacle for participation in our programs. If you cannot attend a program due to cost, we strongly encourage you to select a scholarship rate when available.

Spirit Rock highly values diversity. We particularly invite those who require financial support that are in the following groups to select a scholarship rate: Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color (BIPOC), young adults (18-26), elders (65+) with limited/fixed incomes, and those with life threatening illnesses; however, these rates are available to anyone with financial hardship.

For non-residential programs, scholarship rates are unlimited and open to all. Financial assistance requests for residential retreats or trainings are assessed in terms of financial need and funds availability. Each individual may be awarded a scholarship rate (Young Adult, BIPOC, or Mudita/Karuna) for a maximum of two retreats per calendar year. A request for scholarship funding does not influence your acceptance into a retreat.

How to Apply for Assistance

Scholarship funds are budgeted on a per program basis; this means that funding is limited per program. If funds are not available for one program, it does not mean funds are not available for another programs. You should select a few program options. We recommend candidates apply as early as possible to improve your chances of receiving a scholarship rate (except for lottery retreats - these retreats have a slightly different system of allocations).

How to apply: 1) Choose the program you are interested in on our calendar; 2) On the program page, click the 'Register' button and select the 'Price' section. If scholarship funding is available, there should be options listed. Some programs do not have scholarship rates due to already reduced pricing for all attendees. You may want to select another program that may still having funding available; 3) If you can only attend a particular program due to scheduling and you need scholarship funding, we can put you on a scholarship waiting list. Contact us if you have any questions about this or if you cannot attend a program without scholarship assistance, email us: [email protected].

Financial Assistance Options

Spirit Rock offers a variety of types of financial support for our programs.

Mudita Scholarships

The Mudita Scholarship provides a means for any individual who requires financial assistance to attend a program. Elders (65+) on fixed incomes, or young adults who have 'aged out' of the Young Adult rate, would select this scholarship.

Karuna Scholarships

The Karuna Scholarship is specifically for individuals with serious medical conditions, or life-threatening illnesses who require financial assistance to attend a program.

Dr. Marlene Jones People of Color Scholarships

This BIPOC Scholarship is specifically for individuals who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or a Person of Color (BIPOC) who require financial assistance to attend a program.

Toni Ko Scholarships

The Toni Ko Scholarship is specifically for individuals who are new to meditation residential retreats and age 27-55 years with a need for financial assistance. The individual must be attending their first silent 6-night residential retreat at Spirit Rock. This scholarship is a one-time award.

Young Adult Scholarships

It is our wish to support the practice needs of meditators in early adulthood. To this end, Spirit Rock extends a special invitation to young adults, age 18-26 years, who wish to attend a residential retreat. The number of young adult spaces available is limited per retreat. If all the Young Adult rates are sold out, you may apply for one of the above options that you may also align with.

Renunciate Monastics

Monastics in the Buddhist traditions are invited to attend Spirit Rock retreats without cost. We ask that you register in advance to secure a space in the retreat. Monastic discounts can be extended only to one having taken vows and abiding as a renunciate, living exclusively on donations and having no form of income through work or other sources. You will need to provide the monastery you are affiliated with upon registering. For more information email the Registration department at: [email protected].

Hemera Foundation Fellowships - SOLD OUT for 2024

With deep thanks to the Hemera Foundation, Spirit Rock has again been awarded a generous grant for 2024 residential retreats.

The Hemera Foundation created the Contemplative Fellowship Program was created to make the unique benefits of sitting in a contemplative practice in a residential retreat context more widely available. Fellowships are available to anyone with a commitment of service — a deep desire to devote oneself to serving others through their work. Eligible applicants must be 18 years of age or older and working full-time in their profession. There is an approval process so leave enough time for your application to be reviewed. Learn more and apply.

Payment Plans (For residential retreats only)

If it would be financially helpful to pay for your retreat over a period of time, we do offer an installment option to ease the burden of paying a retreat fee all at once. A minimum deposit is due for all attendees and the balance must be paid in full prior to the start of the retreat. Payment plans can only be set up on a credit card. We can no longer debit your checking account unless you have access to a credit card. Your automatic deductions can be set for 2-3 monthly installments if time allows. However, all payments must be complete prior to the retreat start. Installments cannot be paid following retreat attendance.

A payment plan is available for Teacher Dāna at the end of a retreat. Please contact our Development Department at [email protected] if you are considering this option. You may not have more than two (2) payment plans occurring at the same time whether for fees or for dana. And, all registration fee payment plans need to be paid off prior to registering for another retreat.