When we reflect on the elemental nature of the body in the first foundation of mindfulness, we’re seeing the interconnected nature of our experience. Our mind and ego functions through constriction, a narrowing of attention to this mind-body. We create the sense of self we wrap our lives around, and believe ourselves to be independent, fixed, and separate. Taking a walk, we have the experience “I am taking a walk through the park,” as if wherever we are is separate from our body. But we are the earth’s moving surface, looking at itself, tied by gravity. And we literally—not just metaphorically—come from the earth.
Mark Coleman, Understanding the Four Foundations of Mindfulness from an Early Buddhist Perspective
Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman

Spirit Rock Residential Teacher

Mark has trained extensively in the Buddhist tradition. He is a senior teacher at Spirit Rock, an author and has taught insight meditation since 1997.

Mark has led wilderness nature retreats worldwide for two twenty decades and leads leads year long nature meditation teacher trainings in the US and Europe.