For me the ability to access this self-compassion signaled a significant shift that allowed me to move from paying attention to the words of the critic to feeling the pain they inflicted. Since that time, there is no longer a cell in my body that wants to let such thoughts in. There is a quiet strength in the ability to rest in that tender place. Vulnerable it is; weak it is not. It reminds me of a quote from the ancient texts that says, “Make your heart as vast as space, so big that nothing can harm it.” When our hearts are that wide, it is as if the judgments are ripples on water, flowing away and leaving no trace. This is what vulnerability makes possible. It allows the natural strength of the heart to emerge.
Mark Coleman, Make Peace with Your Mind
Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman

Spirit Rock Residential Teacher

Mark has trained extensively in the Buddhist tradition. He is a senior teacher at Spirit Rock, an author and has taught insight meditation since 1997.

Mark has led wilderness nature retreats worldwide for two twenty decades and leads leads year long nature meditation teacher trainings in the US and Europe.