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Calming the Restless Mind

Everyone wants to be calm and peaceful. Much of our restlessness and agitation stem from an untrained, reactive mind and a lack of clear perception of what's happening in our mind and body from moment to moment. During this retreat, we will train our hearts and minds to find a calm abiding in the present moment. To accomplish this, we will follow the Buddha’s instructions on the Foundations of Mindfulness—being attentive and sensitive to our bodies and learning to welcome pleasant and unpleasant experiences without clinging or resistance. Together, we will develop the skill of recognizing and relating wisely to moods, emotions, thoughts, and images and not getting so carried away by them.

Continuing Education: 4 CE Credits


This program offers 4 CE Credits Continuing Education (CE) credits for $40 for , and may be applicable for other licenses. Please review our CEC information page for full provider information.

To be eligible for Continuing Education Credits (CECs), you must:

  • Register and pay for CECs by 4:30 p.m. PT, the business day before the program. After the program begins, no retroactive CECs will be given and the CEC fee is non-refundable.
  • Attend in full and fulfill all attendance requirements and next steps. No exceptions. Please review the CEC information page for attendance requirements.


Learning Objectives

Additional notes

  • For full provider information, and additional CEC information, including attendance requirements, cancellation, and grievance policies, please visit our CEC information page.
  • Spirit Rock is a provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP16905, for 4 contact hours.
  • Credit is awarded for instructional time only and does not include extended silent meditation, if offered.
  • For those with a different license or with a license from a different licensing board, please contact your licensing board directly to ask if CE credit from the above-approved sponsors is accepted. Spirit Rock does not confirm applicability of credit for those with licenses different than those listed above.

Teaching Team

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