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Mindfulness and Self Compassion for Parents

Parenting by its very nature is both beautiful and challenging. Some of the deepest challenges in parenting come from within our own minds and hearts as we navigate the constant change, uncertainty, and activating of our own childhood traumas. This four-part offering aims to be a safe space for parents to meditate, rest, share from the heart, and learn practical mindfulness and self-compassion practices to support their lives as people and as parents.

Teaching Team

Ofosu Jones-Quartey

Ofosu Jones-Quartey


Ofosu Jones-Quartey has been teaching mindfulness and meditation to young people and adults since 2004. He is currently the male voice on the Balance meditation app and he teaches meditation and mindfulness classes and retreats around the country. Ofosu has taught retreats at IMCW, IMS, Spirit Rock and more.