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Monday Night Meditation & Talk

Dana DePalma

Dana DePalma

Jack Kornfield began this weekly practice gathering in 1986 to introduce the practices of awareness and compassion that are the heart of the Buddha’s teachings. The evening has a period of meditation in stillness and a Dharma talk, sometimes with Q&A. In addition to Jack, you’ll hear inspiring Spirit Rock teachers presenting the ancient teachings of the Dharma in a way that’s relevant, wise, and helpful in our complex world.

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Recording Information

A recording will be available for all participants (on land & online) following the program in approximately 10 days. You will have ~90 days from the original program date to view the recording.

Dana DePalma, MFT

Dana DePalma, MFT


Dana DePalma is a Stewarding Teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and Guiding Teacher at Dharma Ground, an organization she co-founded. She specializes in teaching Nine Bodies Insight, a method of practice which utilizes specific teachings on the structure of consciousness to balance, refine, and empower one’s Insight Meditation practice.

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Wednesday, February 14 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Wednesday Morning Meditation & Talk

Our Wednesday Morning Meditation & Talk is led by Sylvia Boorstein, Donald Rothberg, Heidi Bourne, or other guest teachers. This group welcomes beginners and experienced practitioners to explore the Dharma.

Sylvia Boorstein

Sylvia Boorstein