Articles November 9, 2016

Practicing the Dharma in Times of Uncertainty

Jack Kornfield

When times are uncertain, difficult, fearful, full of change,

they become the perfect place to deepen the practice of awakening.

After viewing the elections, whatever your point of view,

Take time to quiet the mind and tend to the heart.

Then go out and look at the sky.

Remember vastness, there are seasons to all things,

gain and loss, praise and blame, expansion and contraction.

Learn from the trees.

Practice equanimity and steadiness.

Remember the timeless Dharma amidst it all.

Think of the best of human goodness.

Let yourself become a beacon of integrity with your thoughts, words, and deeds.

Integrity in speech and action, virtue and non-harming brings blessings.

Remember the Noble Truths, no matter the politics or the season:

Greed, hatred, and ignorance cause suffering. Let them go.

Love, generosity, and wisdom bring the end of suffering. Foster them.

Remember the Buddha's counsel,

"Hatred never ends by hatred but by love alone is healed.

This is the ancient and eternal law."

The human heart has freedom in itself to choose love, dignity, and respect.

In every circumstance, embody respect and cultivate compassion for all.

Let yourself become a beacon of Dharma.

Amidst the changes, shine with courage and trust.

Love people, and

This is your world. Plant seeds of goodness

and water them everywhere.

Then blessings will grow for yourself and for all.

Metta, Jack