"If you do not turn inward, you will never know reality."
—Ajahn Chah


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Media Inquiries: Please contact Kathryn Arnold
Donations: Please contact Sharla Pidd

5000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., PO Box 169, Woodacre, CA 94973


Staff Directory

If the person you are calling is on the phone, you will be transferred into their voicemail.

Please call the main number: 415-488-0164, followed by the extension.

Due to an increase in spam, we are no longer publishing email addresses on the website. All staff email addresses are (no spaces) as in (for Jane Doe).

ExtensionTitle / OfficeName
286 Director of Development & Communications Rachel Uris
255 Marketing & Communications Manager Kathryn Arnold
236 Senior Designer, Marketing & Communications Stacy Miller
267 Communications & Design Associate Cory Halberstadt
286 Director of Development & Communications Rachel Uris
226 Development Manager Sharla Pidd
287 Development Specialist Rebecca Cariati
Event and Retreat Registration  
253 Registration Manager Tracy Dellavalle
247 Residential Registrar Lynn Stanton
252 Residential Registrar Kika Castaneda
266 Non-Residential Registrar Mark Sheldon
219 Non-Residential Registrar Diana Amo
Event Operations  
249 Director of Retreat & Events Operations Beth Hamlet
276 Events Manager Marya Mayer
224 Volunteer Coordinator Sally Segerstrom
238 Events Coordinator Mark Georgesen
231 Events Coordinator Romy David
241 Events Coordinator Page Flood
Executive Leadership  
223 Executive Director Michelle Latvala
223 Senior Executive Administrator Catherine O'Hehir
203 Facilities Manager Hayden Hicks
214 Assistant Facilities Manager Jim Bates
239 Caretaker's Office  
213 Caretaker Tim Andres
211 Caretaker Thomas Davis
217 Caretaker Scott Traffas
215 Caretaker John Griffith
Finance & Accounting  
242 Director of Finanace & Operations Joey Roberts
240 Finance Manager Mark Sponseller
257 Staff Accountant Phyllis Beeson
Front Office & Bookstore  
234 Front Office Coordinator Laura Webber
222 Program Weaver & Bookstore Manager Mary Ann Clark
261 Housekeeper Joy George
261 Housekeeper Sara Sacksteder
261 Housekeeper Tina Cansler
261 Housekeeper Shane Hathcoate
261 Housekeeping Office  
Human Resources  
225 Human Resources Manager Patti McGraw
220 Human Resources Coordinator Julie Hunt
IT Department  
258 Manager of Information Systems Kevin Kelly
272 Database Administrator Kenneth Haugan
248 Network Technician Tammy Slusser
201 Network Technician Aaron Remington
229 Kitchen Inventory Coordinator Eva Andres
228 Kitchen Manager Juliette Deleventhal
229 Kitchen Office  
243 Assistant Kitchen Manager Levi Halberstadt
221 Director of Programs Nisha Shah
218 Program Manager Gary Sharlow
250 Program Coordinator Heather Lear
katiem[at] Continuing Education Coordinator Katie McDonnell
227 Family Program Coordinator Dawn Scott
222 Program Weaver & Bookstore Manager Mary Ann Clark
Retreat Operations  
249 Director of Retreat & Events Operations Beth Hamlet
244 Retreat Operations Manager Christine Owens
262 Retreat Managers Office  
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