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The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: A Study and Practice Series of Daylongs
Sally Armstrong, Donald Rothberg
4 Days: Sep 27 (S.Armstrong);Oct 11 (D.Rothberg);Nov 2 (D.Rothberg);Dec 7 (S.Armstrong) 9:30am-5pm
Community Meditation Hall
Series: $185-$500 sliding scale, plus dana to the teacher on each day. Code FF1D14.
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Prerequisites: Beginning meditation class or the equivalent.

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness - Class Series

The Buddha taught that there is a direct way for alleviating suffering and discovering peace, wisdom and happiness, and that is through cultivating the Four Foundations of Mindfulness or Satipatthana. In this course two Spirit Rock teachers will explore this liberating teaching that forms the basis for Insight Meditation practice. The course consists of four daylong retreats, one each month, where participants will develop awareness of these foundations in their meditation practice, and how to integrate this awareness into all aspects of life.

The first daylong will explore mindfulness of body - how body awareness serves as a vehicle for awakening. In the second daylong, we bring attention to the realm of "feeling-tone" (vedana), the sense of pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral, that supports a non-reactive presence to the ups and downs of life. The third daylong focuses on developing a wise relationship to emotions and mind-states, and on the fourth daylong we investigate Dharmas - different qualities, practices and teachings that support awakening.

You are able to register for any individual daylong but we highly recommend attending all four daylongs for a more complete understanding of this teaching. There will be practices and reflections given during each daylong for continuing this mindful exploration between daylongs. If you register to attend all four daylongs, you will receive a series discount, and receive a copy of a book that is a wonderful overview of these important practices, Satipatthana: The Direct Path to Realization by Ven. Analayo. We will refer to this book in the course.

We recommend that participants read the sutta on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness before attending these daylongs, which can be found in the Majjhima Nikaya, Sutta #10 or online at http://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/mn/mn.010.than.html. (There are many different translations of this sutta. You might want to read a few as they sometimes convey different meanings.)

To register for individual daylongs:

The 1st Foundation of Mindfulness, Sally Armstong, Saturday, September 27

The 2nd Foundation of Mindfulness, Donald Rothberg, Saturday, October 11

The 3nd Foundation of Mindfulness, Donald Rothberg, Sunday, November 2

The 4th Foundation of Mindfulness, Sally Armstong, Sunday, December 7

Teachings are appropriate for individuals as well as health care professionals. Continuing Education (CE) credit available for the second daylong on October 11 and third daylong on November 2 - taught by Donald Rothberg. See below for more information.

The Second Foundation of Mindfulness, taught by Donald Rothberg on Oct 11, is designed to help health care professionals:

  • Practice the general approach of mindfulness and be able to share techniques to develop mindfulness with clients.

  • Practice ways to steady the mind when it is distracted, using principles and practices from Buddhist psychology, and be able to share these techniques with clients.

  • Practice developing mindfulness

  • Recognize how to bring these perspectives and practices into everyday activities, including one's work.

The Third Foundation of Mindfulness, taught by Donald Rothberg on Nov 2, is designed to help health care professionals:
  • Practice the general approach of mindfulness and be able to share techniques to develop mindfulness with clients.

  • Practice techniques of mindfulness of several patterns of experience that might be shared with clients.

  • Be able to explain the basic tenets of Buddhist psychology, about the roots of suffering, and how to transform suffering.

  • Young Adults (18-26) and Seniors (65+ with limited and fixed income) are invited to attend this 4 daylong series at a rate of $85.

    Please Carpool! Visit our Online Bulletin Board for Ride Sharing to find or offer a ride.

    Online Registration for this event is available until 12 noon one business day before the event. If you can't attend, see our Cancellation Policy.

    Volunteer/Work Exchange opportunities, as well as full or partial Scholarships, may be available for this program. For more information, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteering@spiritrock.org or (415) 488-0164 x224.

    Scholarships are not available for events listed as “Benefits.”

    Even if you have been to Spirit Rock before, please review Daylong Programs at Spirit Rock for useful information about what to wear, what to bring, how to get here, and more.

    Continuing Education (CE) Credit: 12 CE credits available for MFTs, LCSWs, psychologists and nurses from SRMC-SCRC for $90. Prepayment available on website. For more information, see Continuing Education (CE) Credit.



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