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Mindfulness in Child Psychotherapy and Education
Gary Buck, Lesley Grant
Sunday, October 19, 9:30am - 5:00pm
Community Meditation Hall
$55 - $150 sliding scale, plus a donation to the teacher(s) Add $5 at the door. Please bring your lunch. Code GB1D14.
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It's an exciting time for mindfulness in both psychotherapy and education! In this daylong we will introduce numerous innovative, developmentally appropriate techniques for sharing mindfulness and related practices (loving-kindness, compassion) with children pre-K to preteens. There will be an emphasis on mindfulness applied to thoughts and emotions. We will include examples of teaching applied mindfulness to children individually, and in groups. Similarities and differences between educational and psychotherapeutic contexts for teaching mindfulness to children will be explored.

In addition, the day will include the presentation of up-to-date research on the psychotherapeutic and educational uses of mindfulness with children, showing improved executive function, better attention, and enhanced behavioral regulation. We will present similar evidence from our own case studies, as well as the results experienced by children in their peer and family relationships and their enhanced ability to access and act on their own sincere motivations to benefit others.

This program is appropriate for psychotherapists, educators, and parents. Continuing Education (CE) credits available, see below for more information.

Based on the content of this workshop, health care professionals will be able to:
a) Describe developmentally appropriate techniques for introducing mindfulness to children as well as techniques for children to use applying mindfulness to their own challenging daily life situations
b) Summarize the similarities and differences between teaching mindfulness in educational and clinical settings.
c) Discuss how mindfulness can be used to help children become more aware of their own thoughts and emotions.
d) Describe the current state of research on mindfulness with children.

Young Adults (18-26) and Seniors (65+ with limited and fixed income) are invited to attend this day for $25.

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Online Registration for this event is available until 12 noon on the Friday before the event. If you can't attend, see our Cancellation Policy.

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Continuing Education (CE) Credit: 6 CE credits available for MFTs, LCSWs, psychologists and nurses from SRMC-SCRC for $45. Prepayment available on website. For more information, see Continuing Education (CE) Credit.



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