"If you do not turn inward, you will never know reality."
- Ajahn Chah

Spirit Rock Teacher Training 2017 - 2021

Empowering Future Dharma Teachers

Spirit Rock is thrilled to announce that our next cohort of Teacher Trainees, who are majority people of color, will begin their four-year Spirit Rock Teacher Training program this July. We offer our deepest gratitude to all of you who offered support and input to Spirit Rock leadership during the process leading up to the final Spirit Rock Board decision to engage Larry Yang, Gina Sharpe and Lila Kate Wheeler to offer this exciting new program.

Teacher trainees include: Alisa Dennis, Amana Bremby Johnson, Cara Lai Fitz Gibbon, Carol Cano, Dawn Mauricio, Gulwinder Singh, James Lowe, JD Doyle, Jeff Haozous, Kaira Lingo, Kate Johnson, Katy Wiss, Konda Mason, Leslie Booker, Louije Kim, Noliwe Alexander, Pawan Bareja, Rachel Lewis, Solwazi Johnson and Teresa Abdala-Romano.
This training profoundly enhances our service to the Dharma nationally and marks an important turning point for our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts in empowering this next generation of teachers who reflect the wisdom and diversity in our dharma communities. We are deeply grateful to the core faculty — Gina Sharpe, Larry Yang, and Lila Kate Wheeler — for their commitment to creating this beautiful offering to the Dharma. This training marks the fifth Teacher Training program in Spirit Rock’s history, with the first started in 1984 by founding teacher Jack Kornfield.

The following statement from Gina, Lila Kate and Larry expresses why this teacher training is so important now, more than ever: “We, as the core faculty of the Spirit Rock Teacher Training, deeply appreciate, honor, and respect the support that Spirit Rock and many communities have given to cultivate a new generation of retreat teachers and to sustain more diverse spiritual leadership for our world. With this support, we have been able to complete the admissions process, specify details of program components, design the curriculum, initiate a container of generative learning, and work on multiple scheduling and logistics for the next four years. It is exciting and inspiring. Especially in these times, we feel that diversity in the preparation of future Dharma teachers for leadership is even more relevant and indispensable to our collective awakening from suffering and delusion.”


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