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Will Kabat-Zinn

Will Kabat-Zinn, MA spent his early practice years at the Insight Meditation Society with Larry Rosenberg, Sharon Salzberg, and Joseph Goldstein and at Panditarama Forrest Meditation Center in Burma under the guidance of Sayadaw U Pandita. Will was deeply influenced by his friendship with Dr. Rina Sircar who carried the lineage of Mingon Sayadaw through her teacher Taungpulu Sayadaw, and by the fierce compassion of Chan Master Shen Yen who he met and practiced with in New York. He lives in the East Bay with his wife and two sons.

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January 9, 2015 - Impermanence, Instability, and Selflessness: The Three Characteristics

One characteristic of all phenomena in this conditioned world we live in is that they are in a state of flux and change. No thing, given its impermanence, can provide a lasting resting place, refuge, or sense of peace and fulfillment. No thing. And the attempt to find lasting satisfaction, completion, fulfillment, or safety in changing phenomena gives rise to dukkha—mental suffering, and dis-ease—the second characteristic. The third characteristic of existence is that they are anattā, which means “selfless in nature.” Everything is arising due to causes and conditions, and nothing in the phenomenal world comes about outside of the domain of causes and conditions.

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