Venerable Dhammadipa

Ven. Dhammadipa is a resident nun at Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery, having
gone forth as a samaneri in the Theravada Forest Tradition in the West, in May 2018. Also a Dharma Heir in the Shunryu Suzuki lineage of Zen Buddhism, she serves as the Guiding Teacher of Ekan Zen Study Center, an online sangha which she co-founded in 2014. Dhammadipa took up the practice of Zen Buddhism in 1987, and was ordained a Zen nun in 2007.
Her study and practice in the teachings of Early Buddhism evolved naturally from Zen practice. In addition to English, she teaches the Dhamma in Spanish, an expression of her Latin heritage. She is trained as an inter-faith chaplain, and has provided spiritual care in both hospital and hospice settings. Dhammadipa earned an MBA and worked in finance for many years before becoming a fulltime practitioner. She greatly enjoys her relationship with her adult daughter, and sewing.

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