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Tuere Sala

Tuere Sala is a Guiding Teacher at Seattle Insight Meditation Society and Spirit Rock Retreat Center. She is a retired prosecuting attorney who has practiced Vipassana meditation for over 30 years. Tuere is committed to lay practice and inspired by bringing the Dharma to nontraditional places. She is a strong advocate for practitioners living with high stress, past trauma and difficulties sitting still. Tuere has been teaching since 2010 and has a long history of assisting others in establishing and maintaining a daily practice. Tuere can be contacted at tueresala.org and at https://www.dharmaground.org.

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Feb 23, 2022 - The Relationship Between the Hindrances and the Five Faculties

The spiritual faculties are one type of activity of mind, connected to wisdom, the heart-mind or citta, with its capacity for awakening. But we have another activity of mind: our ordinary mind, which is much more impulsive and reactive. This is what we know of as the hindrances, the activity of the wanting mind that grasps after what it wants and pushes away what it doesn’t want. We move between these activities, these capacities of the heart-mind. Sometimes we are in the ordinary, impulsive mind and sometimes we are in the more intuitive wisdom mind.

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