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A Year-End Message from Jack Kornfield


Dear Friend of Spirit Rock,

As the changing seasons mark the closing of this year and the beginning of Spirit Rock’s 25th Anniversary, my heart is filled with gratitude and appreciation for you and the entire Spirit Rock community. You are why and how this wonderful place exists—it is for you and because of you that this center was founded and continues to flourish. Your support and participation in this community have transformed Spirit Rock into the beacon of mindfulness it has become. Together we’re transforming lives and providing opportunities for so many to wake up to the wisdom and compassion that is their true birthright.

I’m writing to you today with the sincere hope that you will consider a gift to Spirit Rock, so that together we may continue this important work.

With over 40,000 visits to Spirit Rock each year, we are honored to provide the refuge and programs for so many to discover for themselves the benefits of quieting the mind and holding life with a compassionate heart. We’re creating possibilities for healthier individuals, relationships, families, organizations, and little by little, a more peaceful world

Over these past 25 years, we have watched in wonder as mindfulness has gradually transformed entire fields of learning and healing.  With neuroscience revealing the effects of meditation and documenting the tangible benefits of these ancient practices, mindfulness has become a cornerstone of health in our society.  Mindfulness practices have been incorporated into education and medicine are now integral to mental, emotional, and physical health programs and healing modalities in our society and worldwide.

We are honored and humbled to be stewards of these practices and remain steadfast in our commitment to offering our programs and retreats to all who are interested. Over the years, our scholarship program has granted assistance to thousands of individuals facing financial and medical hardship. This is made possible through your generous response to letters like this. Your gift of will ensure that scholarships continue for all those who need it.

Your generosity represents the very foundation upon which Spirit Rock rests. With so much wonderful activity this past year to raise funds needed to build our permanent Community Meditation Hall, it is more important than ever to support the ongoing, day-to-day good works of Spirit Rock.

To provide and operate this place of practice and refuge, we must raise over one million dollars each year. These funds keep our retreats and programs running, our buildings maintained, our lands cared for, and our scholarship program thriving. People like you who support this annual effort constitute what I like to think of as the “community within the community” for whom the ongoing preservation of this wonderful center is of vital importance.

You know the value of this work. You have experienced for yourself the importance of developing mindfulness and the transformative, far-reaching impact and ongoing benefits of this practice. Your support ensures that we are able to continue to provide opportunities for all to experience and develop their own innate wisdom and intrinsic capacity for compassion. Your kindness and generosity are absolutely central to the health and success of this organization.

I’m delighted to be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Spirit Rock this coming year! This is such a joyful time for all of us as we reflect on the past quarter of a century of Dharma in the West. It is amazing how far we have come, how many we’ve been able to serve; how blessed we have been; and how many have benefited. You have been an essential part of this through your practice, participation and support.

Yours in the Dharma,

Jack Kornfield


P.S. Thank you so much for your consideration of a gift to Spirit Rock. Supporting this community is a beautiful way to express one’s gratitude for the benefits of the Dharma.


Please contact us with any questions:

Bobbi Perez
(415) 488-0164 x283



Please contact us with any questions:

Bobbi Perez
(415) 488-0164 x283


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