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Looking for a Kalyana Mitta group near you?

Below you will find information on groups that are just forming and/ or looking for new members.  If you do not see your area or interest listed below, contact our Kalyana Mitta volunteers at for advice and guidance in starting a group. 


Walnut Creek Area

This Kalyana Mitta group will study and discuss a book by Bhikkhu Bodhi, The Noble Eightfold Path - Way to the End of Suffering. This book provides a very accessible vehicle to learning and internalizing the eightfold path. The group will meet eight or nine times (It's an eight-chapter book), every other week on Wednesday evening from 7-9pm, starting on January 6th. Meetings will follow Spirit Rock's suggested format of 20-30 minute meditation, check-in, and then book discussion. Please obtain the book and read Chapter1 prior to the first meeting. If you are interested, please contact

South Berkeley/Rockridge

 A Young Adults Kalyana Mitta Group (age 25-40) is forming in the South Berkeley/Rockridge area. Our goal is to create a small community of practicioners/friends and share reflections and connections to our lives and our practices in a relaxed yet committed environment.  We will be meeting twice a month on Tuesdays from 7.30 to 9.30pm. We'll start with a 30 minute meditation, set practice intentions for the following weeks, check-in, and possibly read and discuss a book or a theme relevant to many of us on that particular day. We are currently looking for new members to join the group. Meetings begin in January 2015.  If you are interested and have questions you can contact Margherita, email: or call/text (541) 968-2221

San Francisco

Study the wisdom of insight meditation teacher Tara Brach with spiritual friends on the first and third Mondays of the month. The meeting, from 7 to 9 p.m. begins with 30 min. of meditation followed by a check-in and a discussion of a reading or podcast. The group shares facilitation but will meet at a home in the Civic Center of San Francisco. Please contact Alison Rittger at 415-205-9963.


This new Kalyana Mitta group meets on the 1st, 3rd and sometimes 5th Sunday of the month from 3 to 5pm at Yoga Core Fit, 187 Butcher Road, Vacaville, CA and is committed to nurturing the practice of beginners to vipassana meditation (Aren't we all beginners?) as well as enriching the practice for those more experienced with the dharma. There are periods of sitting and walking meditation with time for dharma discussion and sharing. For more information or interest in attending the group, please contact Tina Clay at

Marin County

Kentfield - LGBT group Sundays from 10am-12pm in my home. During our meetings we will have a 20-30 minute peer led meditation, a check-in and a Dharma centered reading agreed upon by the group. There will also be an option to share food, socialize and get to know one another as a small spiritual community. Please email Cynthia at for the address as well as any questions you may have. Thanks for your interest!

San Rafael-- We meet the first and third Thursday of each month from 11:00-1:00 at a home in San Rafael. Our two-hour session includes the following: an opening meditation; a voluntary check-in in which each member shares her/his spiritual challenges and successes in the preceding two weeks; a discussion on selected readings, audios and videos geared to the spiritual interests of the group; a brief tea; a summation of the session in which any problems are discussed and future agendas are set; a short closing meditation. Currently, six women comprise the group and due to home size restrictions, eight members would be the maximum number of participants easily accommodated at this time. Both men and women are welcome. Contact for additional information.

Monterey Peninsula

A new Kalyana Mitta group is forming in the Monterey area. We will be a peer-lead group & hope to meet for about 1 1/2 hrs. every other Wednesday evening at one of our homes; we will start with a 30-45 minute meditation followed by discussion on some predetermined topic. For more information, please contact Deborah Halfpenny at  (831) 595-7615 OR



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