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Donate to the Scholarship Fund

Donate now to the Scholarship Fund

It has always been the intention of Spirit Rock to make the Dharma available to all; thus a Scholarship Fund was started many years ago and has continued through the bequests and gifts of many generous individuals. This fund has enabled many yogis to attend retreats or daylong classes who would not otherwise have been able to afford the fees.

Read "ripple" stories from people who have received Scholarships, or submit your own story, see below.

The Scholarship Fund has several components:

  • Mudita Scholarships are for low-income yogis
  • Karuna Scholarships are awarded to those with life-threatening illnesses who require financial assistance
  • The Dr. Marlene Jones People of Color Scholarship Fund supports people of color whose financial situation prevents them from attending retreats
  • The Young Adult Rate and Senior Rate supports yogis at both ends of the age spectrum
  • Monastic Scholarships are available for monks and nuns

Donate now to the Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Awards Continue to Increase at Spirit Rock

The following chart illustrates the dramatic changes in scholarship income and awards over the past several years:

      Year             Awards           Donations    Annual Shortfall
     2008            $233,412          $146,525           -$86,887
     2009            $256,476          $174,803           -$81,673
     2010            $253,459          $130,940          -$122,519
     2011            $305,825          $158,864          -$146,961
     2012            $317,933          $129,691          -$188,242
5 year total     $1,367,105       $740,822          -$626,282

Providing scholarships to those in need has always been a priority at Spirit Rock so that all may receive the teachings regardless of their ability to pay or their life circumstances. We hope to maintain our scholarship funds at levels where we may always continue this policy. Generous donations from our sangha can help change the projected figures above. We need your help to do this.

Another way to support the Spirit Rock scholarship funds is to make a donation designated for a scholarship when you register for retreats.

Donate now to the Scholarship Fund

Write Your Own "Ripple Story"

If you’d like to send us your story, we’d love to read it! For example, you might tell us

  • How your practice helped you through a difficult experience
  • How you’ve interacted with the world differently as a result of your practice
  • How supporting Spirit Rock—your spiritual home—and its mission has helped you on your own spiritual path

They don’t have to be long or polished. You could make writing them an ongoing practice. As you find yourself generating ripples, just send us little stories as they happen. Like a ripple journal.
By sending us a story, you’re giving us the OK to use it in our publications. If we use it, we will need to edit it to fit the application.

When you send us a story, please tell us how you’d like to be identified -- for example:
   Terry [first name only]
   A grateful yogi [anonymous]

Please send your stories to ripple_stories[at]spiritrock.org  and include your preferred method of communication in case we would like to contact you. If you have any questions about writing your stories, contact ripple_stories[at]spiritrock.org.

Read "ripple" stories from people who have received Scholarships. 

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