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Earth Day 2013 - Responses to Climate Change:
An Interview with Kerry Nelson, Spirit Rock Green Group Member

By Spirit Rock Staff

Spirit Rock: What is the Green Group?

Kerry Nelson: The Green Group is a group of staff at Spirit Rock who meet about once a month with the goal of helping to reduce Spirit Rock’s carbon footprint and generally encouraging sustainable practices at work. We first started meeting in 2009 and since then have encouraged the adoption of greener practices including the use of 100% recycled paper and signing up for Marin Energy Authority’s Deep Green option as an electricity plan (which draws entirely from renewable energy). We also try to educate ourselves about what is going on with the environmental movement and what we can do.

SR: Why did you organize this day?

KN: We approached Wes Nisker about a year ago to see if he’d be willing to lead a daylong focused on climate change and mindfulness. In the last couple of years, Wes and Donald Rothberg facilitated two of our staff ceremonies appreciating the earth and setting intentions for personal action on days of climate action organized by 350.org. We also knew Wes and other teachers on the Spirit Rock Teacher Council were interested in bringing attention to the climate crisis. 

Wes suggested we do something on Earth Day in 2013. While we had initially thought it would be nice to have a few other teachers involved, one fortuitous connection lead to another and we now have this full bouquet of offerings from teachers, musicians and the non-profits that will be tabling at the event, offering participants ways to connect with those who are addressing climate issues.

SR: What do you hope will come out of this day?

KN: Mostly we hope people will leave the day feeling energized and able to participate in and contribute to climate solutions. Confronting the problem of climate change is not easy – it’s painful and complicated. But we have practices - from mindfulness to the framework of the Four Noble Truths - that can make it possible for us to be with this huge problem without being overwhelmed. And at our Earth Day celebration we will also have a chance to celebrate our love for the earth and for all who are part of it.

Join us on Saturday, April 20 for Earth Day 2013 - Responses to Climate Change: Awareness, Action and Celebration.
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