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Robert Hall (Emeritus, Deceased)

Robert Hall, M.D., was a Spirit Rock Teacher, a physician of the body/mind, a psychiatrist, poet and meditation teacher. Once a student of Fritz Perls and Ida Rolf, he was a pioneer in the integration of bodywork, psychotherapy and spiritual practice for many years. Dr. Hall was co-founder of the Lomi School and Lomi Community Clinic in Santa Rosa. 

"Spirit Rock teacher and dear friend, Robert Hall, died peacefully on September 20, 2019, in Todos Santos after a long illness. More than ten years ago, Robert founded the Dharma Community in Todos Santos, in Baja Mexico. Robert is remembered for his great laugh, his straight-forward and courageous honesty, his humanity, big heart and wisdom. He was an Inspiration to colleagues, staff and meditators across our community and the world. May he rest in an ocean of love and the clear light of his own nature." —Jack Kornfield

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