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During the Retreat—


1. Online Format & Etiquette

As was mentioned earlier, we will be gathering for group sits, dharma talks, practice discussions, Q&A, using Zoom Video-conferencing. Links to Zoom for all gatherings will be sent to you once you have RSVP’d and have committed to doing this retreat. 

PLEASE DO NOT GIVE OUT THE ZOOM LINK TO OTHER PEOPLE. This is a retreat centered around our community and sharing the link with others would disrupt this.

It is helpful for creating community to allow your video to be on during the meetings. It can also help navigate some of the disconnection that can come with using an online format.

Please don’t multitask while online with our community. Engage as fully as you would if we were in person.

Everyone will be muted when entering or exiting the rooms to cut down on feedback and extraneous sounds. Instructions for unmuting during Q&A and practice discussions will be provided.

Please refrain from moving your laptop/tablet/phone around with the video camera on. This helps brings a quality of settledness to our online community.

While on zoom, please don’t move around. Keep your phone or computer stationary to minimize distractions for others.


2. Media, Phones, and Other Technology

As with our in-person retreats, one of the requirements for this online retreat is to refrain from using electronic devices for anything other than connecting through the Zoom Video-conferencing.

One of the transformative things that can come from home retreats is having time in your own living space in which you are not engaging in other technology and media. This alone is helpful in touching a different way of being in your life.


3. Commitment to Practice

Self-discipline – One of the challenges of home practice is getting swept away and forgetting about formal practice. This is a normal challenge to have. It is very helpful if you can be open and honest about this so we can address it.


4. Set Your Intention

When you begin the retreat, take a few minutes to consider what is calling you to this time of deepening practice. It may be to do this retreat for the benefit of yourself and those around you. It may be to undertake this retreat to deepen your presence, steadiness, and compassion in difficult times. It may be to release your fears and become more loving, to contribute more to our world.… If you wish, you can light a candle or place a flower or inspiring image near you. Quiet yourself and inwardly create a strong and clear intention. Once you set your intention, you can recite it in your mind or write it down on a notecard and place it by the candle or image. Regularly during the days of your retreat, remember and reaffirm this intention.


5. Welcome Whatever Arises

Anytime you meditate, especially for longer periods, difficult energies will naturally arise. Worry, restlessness, sleepiness, frustration, irritation, doubt are among the most common. Repeating thought patterns and unfinished business of the heart will also arise. These offer some of the very best opportunities for your meditation to deepen, and your wisdom and love to grow. Receiving these with mindful loving awareness and adding compassion for self and others, you can begin to trust your skill of mindfulness and your good heart to hold it all.

Remember, we will be doing this together. We hope you will be supported by the shared intention among the participants. The teachers will dedicate their efforts to supporting you and your practice. We’re delighted you’re here.



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