"When one thought ends, right before the next thought begins,
there is a tiny gap called 'now.' Over time we learn to expand that gap."

– Spring Washam

Steve Armstrong
A Field Guide to the Mind: Practical Abhidhamma for Meditators
$299 | 10 hours of video instruction

Once you have the insight that ordinary reality is not what you thought it was, what then? How do you understand your experience? Yourself? In the Abhidhamma, the Buddha offers us a practical method for investigating and understanding our life experiences. He shows us that each moment is made up of “pixels” of mental and physical phenomena arising and coalescing in a unique way. Furthermore, this process happens without there being a “someone” it is happening to. In this online course, we will be deconstructing these phenomena so that we can begin to understand how our life works from the inside and how we can develop the mind in order to free the heart from suffering. Studying the Abhidhamma is useful for anyone, particularly those who are actively practicing meditation and seeking to understand the mind.

Course includes:
    • 6 chapters, that you can view at your convenience
    • Teacher support - 3 group video conferences with Steve Armstrong for questions and sharing about meditation practice and teachings, which will be recorded and posted
    • Guided meditations for each chapter with co-teacher Mark Nunberg
    • E-Sangha - connect in small groups via our Dharma Buddy Groups and Discussion Forum to support your practice in the course and beyond
    • Downloadable audio material - compatible with iTunes and Android media libraries
    • 36-page Class Manual - both downloadable and hard copies included
This online course gives an overview of:
    • The four kinds of empirical realities - mind, mental factors, and materiality (which are conditioned), and Nibbana (which is unconditioned)
    • The 52 mental factors that arise in various combinations to create each moment of experience
    • The realms of consciousness (the knowing capacity of the mind) and the stream of consciousness that constitutes mental life
    • The elements of material reality that are conditioned by karma, mind, environment and food
    • Kamma (the law of cause-and-effect) and how it conditions consciousness
    • Dependent origination
    • Buddhist personality types
    • The Progress of Insight

This course was originally taught and recorded in 2015.

Registration, Payment, and Accessing Class Material:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the class page with all class materials. This is a self-paced class: there is no required time frame to watch the videos or be available for class material. This class is useful for newer students as well as those with more experienced who want to refresh their knowledge.


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