"When one thought ends, right before the next thought begins,
there is a tiny gap called 'now.' Over time we learn to expand that gap."

– Spring Washam

Sylvia Boorstein
Everyday Life as Mindfulness Practice
$199 | 1.5 hours of video instruction

This updated version of Everyday Life as Mindfulness Practice features an additional 1.5 hours of video conference with Sylvia. With a focus on current events, Sylvia will give us practical tools to respond to these rollercoaster times with mindfulness, presence, and an open heart. Join us for heartfelt connection, meaningful moments, and plenty of Sylvia-style laughs!

Join Sylvia Boorstein for an 11-segment course on how to make your day-to-day experience a basis for mindfulness practice. Filmed at her home, Sylvia offers reflections, teachings and instructions for everyday experiences such as drinking coffee, driving, preparing food and even walking your dog. With easy, accessible instructions based in the Four Foundations of Mindfulness as well as Loving-kindness (Metta) practice, this course will offer you an opportunity to take your practice "off of the cushion and out into the world." 

Course includes:
  • 6 75-minute video conferences with Sylvia
  • 11 video segments
  • A downloadable course manual written by Sylvia
This online course will help you:
  • Utilize mundane, everyday life activity as a venue for training your attention
  • Recognize when mindfulness is present
  • Develop a mindfulness practice that you can use anytime, anywhere
  • Identify physical signs of mental stress, and learn how the lens of mindfulness can completely reframe the same situation
  • Cultivate particular characteristics of mind 

This course was originally recorded in 2014.

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