"When one thought ends, right before the next thought begins,
there is a tiny gap called 'now.' Over time we learn to expand that gap."

– Spring Washam

Tina Rasmussen & Stephen Snyder
Concentration Meditation
$249 | 8 hours of video instruction

In this modern world that emphasizes the importance of multi-tasking and micro-tasking for increased productivity in our ever busier and more demanding lives, the meditation cushion calls for the exact opposite effort. In concentration (samatha) meditation, our energy is on a simplified, single point of focus that will result in a calmer, more joyful mind. In this online course, we will provide an overview of concentration meditation from its basic beginnings as mindfulness of breathing to its culmination as a doorway to vipassana practice.

In concentration (samatha) meditation, we return our awareness to one object of meditation to the exclusion of everything else, thereby collecting and unifying the mind stream. Samatha practice is often referred to as “purification of mind” and it does this in two ways. First, the practice reveals with heightened clarity our habitual patterns that cause us to suffer both on and off the cushion. Second, as we build the capacity to turn away from these patterns, a laser-like awareness can develop leading to profound stillness and joy, as well as the possibility of the arising of deep meditative absorptions known as jhanas. The word “jhana” can be translated as a “burning up” — of our habitual patterns of greed, hatred and delusion — which purifies our awareness and can deepen our vipassana practice. There will be teachings on the practice, meditation instructions, and silent meditation sessions. 

Course includes:
  • 8 hours of video instruction, divided into four 2-hour classes
  • 4 guided meditations
  • Downloadable audio
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