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In-Depth Dharma Study Programs

Spirit Rock’s Dharma Training Programs offer in-depth study of the teachings and practices of the Buddha and the Insight Meditation lineage. We offer training in specific professional and personal topics, all centered around how the Dharma can inform, deepen, and apply to other fields of exploration and engagement in the world.

Continuing Education Credits (CECs) are available for some of these training programs. Tuition is offered on a sliding scale, including scholarships for those in financial need. If you have questions about the best training program for you, please contact us at trainings@spiritrock.org.

Buddhist Psychology Training

Matthew Brensilver, PhD
January – May 2023

Deepen your understanding of meditation and nourish your work with clients in this four-month training designed for clinicians, counselors, mindfulness teachers, and others providing mental health support. In this training, you’ll join a community of peers for an in-depth exploration of mindfulness, Dharma, and science that will support both your personal practice and your work with others.

Through periods of meditation, Dharma talks, discussion, small group explorations and clinical case studies, you will develop greater confidence in applying mindfulness-based interventions with clients, deepen your understanding of the intersections of Buddhism and psychology, and further cultivate your own meditation practice and tools for self-care.


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A Year to Live

Led by Vinny Ferraro with Frank Ostaseski and Pam Dunn
January – December 2023

In our largely death-denying modern culture, few are encouraged to actively contemplate the inevitability of our death, or that it could happen at any time. The Buddha recommended that we do just that, not to frighten us, but to use death as an object of contemplation to help us awaken to the fragile, fleeting, and precious nature of our lives.

Ultimately, this is a year-long practice in forgiveness, gratitude, and letting go. Through guided meditations, inquiry, and small group discussions, we will be guided, with the support of community, through a process of living this year as if it were our last. All are warmly welcome!


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