"When one thought ends, right before the next thought begins,
there is a tiny gap called 'now.' Over time we learn to expand that gap."

– Spring Washam

Upcoming Residential Retreats with Space Available

Periodically attending a meditation retreat is the best way to deepen and renew your practice. All of our retreats are silent with a few exceptions. Review the specific retreat descriptions for more details. Most Spirit Rock retreats are held in our upper Retreat Hall unless otherwise indicated. The following retreats are open for registration and still have limited spaces available.


Insight & Awakening Meditation Retreat
Will Kabat-Zinn and Anushka Fernandopulle
April 9 - 15

Restore, Refresh, Renew: Mindfulness Meditation Retreat for Women
Anne Cushman, Noliwe Alexander, and Erin Selover
April 16 - 18


Contemplating Death / Awakening to Life ( A retreat for Experienced Students)
Eugene Cash, Nikki Mirghafori, Bhikkhu Analayo (via videocast), & Janice Clarfield (yoga)
May 5 - 12

Work Retreatant Opportunities

Spirit Rock offers Work Retreatant positions as an opportunity to explore integrated practice, where retreat life and the work of everyday life come together. In exchange for retreat fees, Work Retreatants serve approximately five non-consecutive hours per day in either the kitchen or housekeeping department. Below is a list of retreats with Work Retreatant positions available. For more details about applying, visit our Work Retreatant Information page.

Available Work Retreatant Positions:

344R18 - Insight Meditation Retreat -- Housekeeping available

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