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"The more fully we give our energy, the more it returns to us."
—Jack Kornfield, Buddha's Little Instruction Book.

To give your time to Spirit Rock contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteering@spiritrock.org or call (415)488-0164 ext. 224.


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Jean Kinsey   "About 8 years ago, I felt the need to begin a committed meditation practice, to help me absorb the death of friends and relatives and cope with other challenging aspects of life. I began attending the Wednesday morning class and have never stopped coming." Martie Leys has been volunteering at Spirit Rock for eight years, and is sitting the March 1-Month Retreat. Read more about her journey.
  Giedra Gershman is a Kalyana Mitta (Spiritural Friends) volunteer at Spirit Rock. She says, "My three KM groups have been invaluable in deepening my practice and I wanted to help others connect with a similar experience. The small groups have helped me find my own voice to talk about the Dharma and to share my experiences, applying the readings and teachings in the midst of life." Read more of her story here.
  Patti Breitman has volunteered at Spirit Rock for twenty years, and says of the experience, "My life is pretty full. Friday mornings at Spirit Rock add balance and joy to everything I do during the rest of the week. As a writer, I find that the Friday sangha gives me an opportunity to get away from my computer and to connect with myself and others in a meaningful way." Read more of her story here.
  Richard McPherson volunteers regularly with the events staff. He says, "When asked why I volunteer so much, my immediate response is, ‘It’s my practice.’  I schedule many volunteer days a couple of months in advance, which commits me to something that supports my growth. When the day comes, whether I am in the mood for it or not, I show up.  In showing up, I reap the benefits.  By frequently immersing myself in supportive environments and practices, I see a benefit to my life as a whole." Read more here.
    Judy Strebel first came to Spirit Rock on her birthday two years ago, and calls the benefits of the practice a 'secret birthday' gift. She now volunteers regularly in the kitchen and with events, and says "the greatest wisdom, insight, practical knowledge and support I receive comes from the other volunteers and staff." Read more here.
  If you have been to Spirit Rock for our Monday Night Class, you may have been greeted by Michael Whyte, a volunteer who has been helping with parking for over five years. In his profile, he shares his experiences with Buddhism, and in finding Spirit Rock. Read more here.
To give your time to Spirit Rock, and to join the Volunteer Sangha at Spirit Rock, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteering@spiritrock.org or call (415)488-0164 ext. 224. 


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