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Oren Jay Sofer, SEP

Oren Jay Sofer teaches meditation, mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication nationally. He holds a degree in Comparative Religion from Columbia University and is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner for the healing of Trauma. Oren is also the author of Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication, and co-author of Teaching Mindfulness to Empower Adolescents. He is a co-founder of Mindful Healthcare and the founder of Next Step Dharma, an innovative online program that helps meditators integrate their retreat experiences into daily life.

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March 17, 2019 - Right Understanding - March Insight Meditation

Wisdom knows two things. Wisdom discerns skillful from unskillful, helpful from unhelpful. It can tell the difference between the various intentions that arise in our own heart and mind, to know how to navigate and steer in life.

Fundamentally, wisdom knows the difference between suffering and its end; stress, what leads to stress, and how stress ends. It’s the beginning, but also the end of the path.

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