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Update From Spirit Rock's Ethics And Reconciliation Council

February 2019


Spirit Rock’s Ethics and Reconciliation Council (EAR Council) has formally withdrawn Noah Levine’s authorization to teach.

Separately, Jack Kornfield has withdrawn his authorization for Mr. Levine to teach, and, following the Buddhist tradition of Sanghadisesa, will allow this to be reviewed in years ahead, should Mr. Levine demonstrate a significant transformation.

This decision was made after multiple, direct conversations with Mr. Levine and after the EAR Council and Spirit Rock Guiding Teachers completed a comprehensive investigation of reports of misconduct and allegations made against Mr. Levine, finding that Mr. Levine’s behavior does not adhere to the Spirit Rock Teacher Code of Ethics. The Board of Directors of Spirit Rock affirmed this decision on February 13, 2019.

The ethical commitment of non-harming is central to the teachings of the Buddha, and the Spirit Rock Teacher Code of Ethics states that “the foundation of spiritual life rests upon our mindful and caring relationship to the life around us.”

This has been a difficult process that has been done with great care. Spirit Rock’s Ethics and Reconciliation process can be found below. To download the full EAR Council statement regarding Noah Levine, please click here.

Should you have any information you wish to share with Spirit Rock's Ethics and Reconciliation Council, please contact EARCouncil@spiritrock.org.

Please direct any general questions to Spirit Rock Communications, Communications@spiritrock.org.

May the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha remain our refuge.

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