"When one thought ends, right before the next thought begins,
there is a tiny gap called 'now.' Over time we learn to expand that gap."

– Spring Washam

Mindfulness Meditation

Insight Meditation, is a simple technique which has been adapted from the traditional Vipassana technique which has been practiced in Asia for more than 2,600 years. Beginning with focusing attention on the breath, the practice concentrates and calms the mind. It allows us to see through the mind's conditioning and thereby to live more fully present in the moment. Mindfulness is a way of maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and the surrounding environment. Meditation practice helps us cultivate the skills for mindfulness.

Some of the themes covered in this learning path include: Mindfulness, meditation, Insight, concentration.

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5/13/2018 Equanimity and Awareness - 7 nights, ends May 20
Kamala Masters, Sally Armstrong, Tara Mulay (trainee)
5/13/2018 Settling, Seeing, and Spacious Awareness: A Retreat for Experienced Students - 7 nights, ends May 20
Donald Rothberg, Susie Harrington, Konda Mason (trainee)
5/29/2018 Meditating on the Nine Bodies: A Practical Map for Insight Practitioners - 5 nights, ends Jun 3
Phillip Moffitt, Dana DePalma
5/29/2018 Connecting Mind and Heart - 5 nights, ends Jun 3
James Baraz, Kate Munding
6/4/2018 Aging, Dying, and Awakening (ages 55 & above) - 6 nights, ends Jun 10
Anna Douglas, Eugene Cash, Donald Rothberg, Konda Mason (assistant)
6/4/2018 Natural Liberation: A Buddhist Insight Meditation Retreat - 6 nights, ends Jun 10
Wes Nisker, Vinny Ferraro
6/11/2018 Essential Teachings on the Path of Awakening - 6 nights, ends Jun 17
Matthew Brensilver, Brian Lesage
6/20/2018 Therigatha 'Verses of the Elder Nuns' Retreat - 4 nights, ends Jun 24
Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, Ayya Anandabodhi, Ayya Santacitta
6/28/2018 Communities Rising - An Insight Meditation Retreat for People of Color - 6 nights, ends Jul 4
Spring Washam, Bhante Buddharakkhita, Larry Yang, Konda Mason, Rolf Gates (yoga)
7/5/2018 Mindfulness for Everyone: The Basics and Beyond without the Hype - 5 nights, ends Jul 10
Diana Winston, Bonnie Duran, Alex Haley, Carol Cano (trainee)
7/11/2018 July Metta Retreat - Cultivating a Loving Heart - 9 nights, ends Jul 20
Sally Armstrong, Tempel Smith, Bonnie Duran, John Martin, Sylvia Boorstein, Pawan Bareja (assistant)
7/20/2018 July Insight Meditation Retreat - 9 nights, ends Jul 29
Joseph Goldstein, Kamala Masters, Greg Scharf, DaRa Williams, Devin Berry (trainee)
8/6/2018 Insight Meditation for Young Adults (age 18-32 years) - 6 nights, ends Aug 12
Tempel Smith, La Sarmiento, JoAnna Hardy, Dori Langevin, Marcy Reynolds (qigong), JD Doyle, Enrique Collazo
8/13/2018 A Path of Happiness: A Retreat for the LGBTQI Gender-Fluid Community - 5 nights, ends Aug 18
Arinna Weisman, Noliwe Alexander, Susana Renaud (yoga)
8/19/2018 Concentration Retreat - 9 nights, ends Aug 28
Phillip Moffitt, Sally Armstrong, Donald Rothberg, Susie Harrington, Beth Sternlieb (assistant)
8/29/2018 Labor Day Insight Meditation Retreat - 5 nights, ends Sep 3
James Baraz, Sharda Rogell, Howard Cohn, Terry Vandiver (yoga), Kaira Jewel Lingo (trainee)
9/10/2018 Meditation and the Spirit of Creativity - 6 nights, ends Sep 16
Anna Douglas, Nina Wise (guest artist), Stewart Cubley (painter), Anne Cushman (writer)
9/17/2018 Transforming the Judgmental Mind - 6 nights, ends Sep 23
Donald Rothberg
9/24/2018 Wisdom Rising - A Women's Meditation Retreat - 6 nights, ends Sep 30
Spring Washam, Anna Douglas, JoAnna Hardy, Erin Selover
10/1/2018 Evolving Together: Mindfulness Meditation and Modern Science - 6 nights, ends Oct 7
Wes Nisker, Rick Hanson, Nikki Mirghafori, Terry Vandiver (yoga)
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