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Joan "JD" Doyle

JD Doyle (they/them) serves as Guiding Teacher at Insight Santa Cruz and was a Core Teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center for 5 years. They graduated from Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Teacher Training, the Community Dharma Leader training, and the Dedicated Practitioner Program. They teach at sanghas across the US and in Canada.

JD began studying and practicing Buddhism in 1995, at Insight Meditation Society and at Spirit Rock and continued with extensive retreat practice in Thailand and Burma in the Theravadan lineage. For over twenty-three years, they worked as a public-school teacher. JD holds a BS in Environmental Studies from Cornell University, a bilingual multicultural teaching certificate from UC Santa Cruz, and a Masters in Language and Literacy and Sociocultural Studies from the University of New Mexico. They are committed to celebrating the diversity of our human sangha, addressing the impact of racism on our communities, expanding concepts of gender, and living in ways that honor the sacredness of the Earth. For more info: www.heartmindteaching.com

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August 30, 2021 - Understanding Identity with the Five Aggregates

What does it mean to be somebody practicing at this time, at this moment? How can we each uproot the ignorance of who we are that accompanies each of us on our own specific journey? The Buddha speaks to the impact of greed, hatred and ignorance; how these have such capacity for harm. Learning about who this somebody is—this identity, if you will—can really support us in this understanding. We bring our identities and our ways of being into the investigation, not in order to avoid them, overcome them, or accentuate them, but in order to be more present.

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