Diversity and Spirit Rock:

As a part of Spirit Rock’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we hold the intention to make the programs we offer as accessible to as many People of Color (POC) and Young Adults (YA) as possible. Our goal is to support the development and evolution of practice for diverse communities from their entry and introduction to the Dharma through paths of deepening practice including involvement with multi-year programs and community leadership development.


Mindful Eating, Mindful Body: The Practice and Science of Mindful Eating
by Andrea Lieberstein

I remember the first time I ever ate an intentional silent meal. In 1987, I visited a famous yoga center in Massachussetts. Entering the dining hall, all was quiet, hushed, except for the almost imperceptible tinkling of the silverware. In the low light from the fixtures overhead, a great focus was unfolding on the beautiful food on the buffet line. I helped myself, sat down and joined the silent crowd, each person intently focused on their plates and slowly savoring each bite. The most delicious tastes and flavors ensued upon my mouth. More >

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