A Letter from Our Executive Director

Our Hearts, Our Practice, Our Action

Now is the time to connect our hearts, our practice, and our actions, given the outrageous and heartbreakingly avoidable murder of George Floyd, and the subsequent national uprisings.

As Dharma practitioners, we turn towards this immense suffering, and we investigate the causes and conditions leading to this moment to put new conditions in place for wise action. We know our 400-year shared history of violence, genocide, and slavery is alive and with us. We are inspired by the possibility of compassionate response, and by the Buddha who taught that the extirpation of greed, hatred, and delusion is within our reach. Our practice on the cushion remains essential to the composure of our hearts-minds, and yet that practice is not sufficient unless it becomes palpable in our actions in the world.

We each have different roles to play in our shared intention of non-harming and liberation for all beings. We acknowledge the profound and differential impacts of these most recent events on our sangha members, teachers, and communities who identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). 

We also acknowledge the differential responsibilities that those of us who are white hold to change the systems, processes, and actions that result in this kind of pernicious, recurring, preventable, racist harm and loss of life.

May the Dharma help our practitioners wake up from conditioned racism. May all beings be safe and free from suffering, and may our actions at Spirit Rock contribute directly to that safety and freedom.

On behalf of all of us,
Michelle Latvala
Executive Director
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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