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A Message from Jack Kornfield



“There is inherent goodness in you. The point of meditation isn't to make yourself better but to quiet yourself so that the natural integrity, consideration, care and the love of the heart is available. Meditation allows the beauty of your spirit to open and awaken.”  

Dear Friends,

Why do we practice?  And what is so special about Spirit Rock teachings, Insight Meditation and the Dharma?

I have heard countless stories of how individuals have seen their way through their biggest challenges with the aid and the grace of the Dharma.

What happens at Spirit Rock is vital to helping transform our world—and your support makes a huge difference.  Each year we depend on your donations to the Fund for Spirit Rock to keep our retreats and programs running, our buildings maintained, our lands cared for, and our scholarship program thriving. And each year and throughout the year we ask you to help us by offering financial support.

Please take a few minutes and reflect on your values. If you feel that Spirit Rock and our network of teachers have benefited you and helped you to be more compassionate with yourself and others, then please consider giving a gift to Spirit Rock.

Whether you have attended an event, listened to our Dharma talks online or made a gift to our teachers or staff through dana, we invite you to continue your support by making a personally significant gift to the Fund for Spirit Rock. Your generosity represents the foundation upon which Spirit Rock rests, is stewarded, and continues to evolve.

If you have already made a gift to support the Fund for Spirit Rock, thank you. Your support is greatly appreciated. May your connections with Spirit Rock continue to nurture you in your practice, and know that your gifts are deeply appreciated by all who depend on Spirit Rock as their place of learning and refuge.

Yours in the Dharma,

Jack Kornfield


Thank you so much for your consideration of a gift. Supporting The Fund for Spirit Rock is
a beautiful way to express gratitude for the benefits of Spirit Rock and the Dharma.


Thank you for your donation to the Operating Fund for Spirit Rock

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