Debra Chamberlin-Taylor

Debra Chamberlin-Taylor has been meditating since 1973 and has led retreats that combine spiritual and psychological growth since 1978. In addition to practicing vipassana, she has been influenced by Dzogchen, Diamond Heart and devotional practices. She also leads workshops on embodiment of awareness and love in relationships and in our diverse world.

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Featured Audio Talk
May 19, 2016 - Letting Go Into Joy and Love - Awakening Joy Retreat

The cause of suffering isn’t that we’re in these bodies that get sick and old. It’s grasping and fighting with the way things are that brings about suffering. Even here, in the midst of this realm where everything changes, and there can be loss and disappointment—in the middle of all this, freedom is possible when we open and let go. Joy is possible. As we open and let go, we give up fighting against life. The Buddha said that there is no greater joy than the joy of freedom. He’s talking about this freedom, that real deep freedom that comes through letting go.

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