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Debra Chamberlin-Taylor

Debra Chamberlin-Taylor has been meditating since 1973 and has led retreats that combine spiritual and psychological growth since 1978. In addition to practicing vipassana, she has been influenced by Dzogchen, Diamond Heart and devotional practices. She also leads workshops on embodiment of awareness and love in relationships and in our diverse world.

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Featured Audio Talk
June 5, 2019 - Mindfulness of Body

Inspired by the Buddha’s teaching that the whole of the Dharma can be found “in this fathom-long body,” Debra leads a gentle, heart-centered body scan, awakening a deep sense of presence and kindness through softening into sensation and the life of the body as it is. This meditation was given on day 2 of the 2019 Awakening Joy retreat.

Debra is co-teaching Womxn Awakening As We Age, June 18-20, & Embodying Joy through Qigong and Meditation, June 26.

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