"When one thought ends, right before the next thought begins,
there is a tiny gap called 'now.' Over time we learn to expand that gap."

– Spring Washam


We use the word "daylongs" as shorthand for our daylong programs and to distinguish them from our retreats, which extend over several days. Our daylongs provide a foundation for exploring the Dharma and establishing a steady meditation practice. We offer a wide range of daylongs taught by Spirit Rock teachers, as well as visiting teachers, including: beginning classes that introduce mindfulness practices and fundamental teachings; "applied mindfulness" classes that focus on particular life issues; classes that blend mindfulness with other traditions and practices such as yoga; advanced classes that dive deep into the suttas; and classes that address specific communities, such as families, elders, LBGT*QI and people of color.

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3/2/2018 Wisdom and Compassion Now!
Anna Douglas
3/2/2018 Mindfulness & Resilience: Developing Sustainability in Stressful Times
Mark Coleman
3/3/2018 Through the Dark Night: Breaking Down, Breaking Through, Waking Up
Donald Rothberg, Marisa Handler
3/3/2018 Qigong and Meditation: Healing and Awakening
Mingtong Gu, Debra Chamberlin-Taylor
3/9/2018 Women's Celebration: Yoga + Dharma
Ashley Sharp
3/9/2018 Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth - Ends Mar 11
Linda Graham
3/10/2018 Discovering the Buddha Within
James Baraz, Carley Hauck
3/10/2018 Chanting and Meditation
Jai Uttal, Debra Chamberlin-Taylor
3/11/2018 The Ancient Roots of Modern Mindfulness
Christiane Wolf, Beth Mulligan
3/13/2018 A Year to Live: How to Live this Year as If It Were Your Last [2018/2019] - Ends Feb 12
Anna Douglas
3/16/2018 Conflict Resolution Using Restorative Practices for Dharma Practitioners
Shahara Godfrey
3/17/2018 Relaxed & Awake: Introduction to Insight Meditation - Ends Mar 18
Erin Selover
3/17/2018 The Work of Mindful Parenting
Will Kabat-Zinn, Teresa LaMendola Kabat-Zinn
3/18/2018 Unattended Past: Healing the Heart
Verlinda Montoya, Carol Cano
3/23/2018 Working with our Internal and External Experiences - Ends Mar 25
JoAnna Hardy, Erin Treat
3/23/2018 Strengthening Resilience, Finding our Home - Ends Mar 25
Oren Sofer
3/26/2018 How the Light Gets In - A Meditation and Writing Retreat for Women Over 60 - Ends Mar 28
Anna Douglas
3/31/2018 Mindfulness Meditation and the Path of Crazy Wisdom
Wes Nisker
3/31/2018 Mindfulness and Improv
Nikki Mirghafori
4/1/2018 Reclamation of the Sacred
Kittisaro, Thanissara
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