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Carpooling Bulletin Board

You know it's good for the environment, but did you know that many people who would like to come to Spirit Rock don't because they need a ride?

We usually have more "Rides Needed" than rides offered.
If you can, please offer - be a ride bodhisattva!


For info on other Monday night carpooling sites, click here.

Good reasons to carpool:

  • It's a great kindness to our valley neighbors and everyone else on the road to reduce traffic in this area, especially on weekends!

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Meet others in the Spirit Rock Community

  • Save money

  • If it's your first time. you won't get lost!

  • Makes the (limited) parking situation here a bit easier

Public transportation can get people to the main transport terminal in San Rafael, the Hub in San Anselmo, Downtown Fairfax. Arrange a convenient pick up spot.


Your help is appreciated by all!


Click on the event, or type of event, below.
Spirit Rock cannot be responsible for rides arranged on these boards.

Carpooling Bulletin Board
Monday Night Class Look for or offer a ride to the Monday Night Class
Weekly Daytime Classes Look for or offer a ride to a Weekly Daytime Class
Daylongs / Weekend Events Look for or offer a ride to a Daylong or other weekend event
Evening Classes Look for or offer a ride to an Evening Class Series
Residential Retreats Look for or offer a ride to a Residential Retreat
Carpooling for Volunteers Arrange rides with other Volunteers

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